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Fellows' Profile Posters
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Vikram Baliga 2013-14
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Caleb Bryce 2013-14
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Kristin deNesnera 2013-14
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology


Duran Fiack 2013-14
Environmental Studies

Kimberly Goetz 2013-14
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Max Tarjan 2013-14
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology


Catherine Wade 2013-14
Environmental Studies

Veronica Yovovich 2013-14
Environmental Studies



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Tara Cornelisse 2011-12
Environmental Studies



Joe Sapp 2011-12
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

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Nina Arnberg 2010-11
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology



Jennifer Ohayon 2010-11
Environmental Studies


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Program Publications  
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Our 2011 NSF GK-12 Conference Poster
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The 2012 NSF GK-12 Conference Poster
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Science in a Minute Video!
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"Convergent Evolution...Or, the Many Roads to Forked Tails, Lost Limbs, and Spiny Stems."

By Elizabeth Bastiaans, Tara Cornelisse, and Jennifer Ohayon. January, 2011

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Fellows' Science Publications

The Midway Atoll Coral Reef Research Project

designed and maintained bySCWIBLES Fellow Kristin McCully
Website   (http://bio.research.
(http://midwaycoralreef. )

Erosion of Lizard Diversity by Climate Change and Altered Thermal Niches.
Science 328: 894-899 (2010)

Sinervo, B., F. Méndez-de-la-Cruz, D.B. Miles, B. Heulin, E. Bastiaans, M. Villagrán-Santa Cruz, R. Lara-Resendiz, N. Martínez-Méndez, M.L. Calderón-Espinosa, R.N. Meza-Lázaro, H. Gadsden, L.J. Avila, M. Morando, I.J. De la Riva, P. Victoriano Sepulveda, C.F. Duarte Rocha, N. Ibargüengoytía, C. Aguilar Puntriano, M. Massot, V. Lepetz, T.A. Oksanen, D.G. Chapple, A.M. Bauer, W.R. Branch, J. Clobert, and J.W. Sites, Jr. 2010.


Congratulations! Fellow Elissa Olimpi was awarded a 2-year NSF grant for $16K to suppport her dissertation research on bats (Mar 2015).

2015 Science Fair awards! 1) Nol Ortiz, Mar Vista Elementary-Fighting Diabetes with Nopal Cactus. 2) Reyna Riegos and Monica Velasquez, Pajaro MS - Pollution. 3) Anamaria Arias-Ixta, WHS- What Influences People's Water Conservation Efforts in Watsonville, CA.Congratulations to all Science Fair participants!

Past SCWIBLEr Yiwei Wang and current Fellow Caleb Bryce published an article on wild pumas in the journal Movement Ecology! more ...

Watsonville High alumni Cesar and Edgar Garcia Lopez, both attending Ivy Leagues, are highlighted in SC Sentinel (Jan 15). more ...

Past News

SCWIBLES teacher Chrissy MacLean highlighted in SC Sentinel (Aug 14) for developing new curriculum. more ...

Past SCWIBLES Fellow Vikram Baliga is lead author on a article published in the Journal of Experimental Biology! more ...

SCWIBLES Fellow Caleb Bryce publishes puma energetics paper in Science! more ...

Caleb Bryce mentioned in "Survival of the Fittest" paper in Nature (Sep 14). more ...

SCWIBLER Kim Goetz awarded a President's Dissertation Year Fellowship for 2014-15. This is the most competitive and prestigious of campus awards for graduate students at UCSC, and reflects Kim's accomplishments and great promise. Congratulations!

Two student research groups from Watsonville High tied for 1st place at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Currents Symposium (Apr 14). more ...

SCWIBLEr Beth Bastiaans published part of her dissertation research on lizard biology in PLoS One. Click here for the full article. Beth is now a Postdoc at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul.

SCWIBLEr Tara Cornelisse is now a Postdoc Fellow at the American Museum of Natural History in New York!

CONGRATULATIONS to SCWIBLErs: Tim Norris who completed his PhD exit seminar, Jenn Yost and Kristin McCully both completed their PhD defense.

SCWIBLEr Jenn Yost makes the Sentinel, and deftly handles the scientific subtleties. more ...