Welcome to SCWIBLES!

Santa Cruz-Watsonville Inquiry-Based Learning in Environmental Sciences is an exciting new graduate training program at the University of California Santa Cruz in partnership with Watsonville High School. The National Science Foundation awarded the University of California Santa Cruz a $2.1 million, 5-year grant (NSF GK-12 DGE-0947923, 2010-2015) to support graduate student researchers in environmental sciences, to train them to effectively communicate with non-scientists about science, and to enrich science education in our schools.

The program partners UCSC graduate students in Environmental Studies and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with teachers at Watsonville High School, particularly in the Environmental Science and Natural Resources Academy (ESNR).   Together, they work as co-researchers in the field and in the lab, develop and implement inquiry-based science curricula, and inspire new generations of environmental problem-solvers. 


SCWIBLES 2014 news

SCWIBLES WHS teacher Chrissy MacLean makes front page news on Aug 19, 2014 for her work in developing an innovative curriculum on what it means to be American. Click here for the full article.

SCWIBLER extraordinaire Kim Goetz was awarded a President's Dissertation Year Fellowship for 2014-15. This is the most competitive and prestigious of campus awards for graduate students at UCSC, and reflects Kim's accomplishments and great promise. Congratulations!

Two student research groups from Watsonville High School, one mentored by SCWIBLEr Kim Goetz and another by SCWIBLEr Max Tarjan, tied for 1st place at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Currents Symposium on April 26th, 2014. Congratulations WHS students!! Click here to go to the web site.

SCWIBLEr Beth Bastiaans just published part of her dissertation research on lizard biology in PLoS One. Click here for the full article. Beth is now a Postdoc at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul.

SCWIBLEr Tara Cornelisse is now a Postdoc Fellow at the American Museum of Natural History in New York!

CONGRATULATIONS to SCWIBLErs: Tim Norris who completed his PhD exit seminar, Jenn Yost and Kristin McCully both completed their PhD defense.

SCWIBLEr Jenn Yost makes the Sentinel, and deftly handles the scientific subtleties. Click here for the full article.