SCWIBLES Teachers are high school instructors at Watsonville High School in Watsonville, California. They worked closely with our Graduate Fellows in summer research and served as teaching-learning mentors for our Fellows and co-developers of inquiry-based learning modules.

Pablo Barrick WHS Teacher
Pablo Barrick
: Pablo teaches Statistics and Math in the Engineering and Technology (E-Tech) Academy.
Contact Pablo: Pablo_Barrick@pvusd.net




Sarah Baumgart WHS Teacher

Sarah Baumgart: Sarah teaches Biology, Anatomy & Physiology in the Health Academy.
Contact Sarah: Sarah_Baumgart@pvusd.net




Don Brown WHS teacher
Don Brown:
Don teaches Integrated Science and an introductory Agriculture and Natural Resources course for sophomores.
Contact Don: Don_Brown@pvusd.net



Stephen Buchter WHS Teacher

Stephen Buchter: Stephen teaches Physics and Math in the Engineering and Technology (E-Tech) Academy.
Contact Stephen: Stephen_Buchter@pvusd.net




Bill Callahan: Bill Bill Callahan WHS Teacher
teaches both business and science classes in the Business and Technology Academy (BATA), and his students operate a small commercial catfish farm on campus.
Contact Bill: William_Callahan@pvusd.net



satina Ciandro WHS Teacher
Satina Ciandro
Satina teaches Marine Biology and is also involved in WATCH (Watsonville Area Teens Conserving Habitats), a program sponsored by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Contact Satina: Satina_Ciandro@pvusd.net



Will Federman WHS Teacher
Will Federman: 
Will is the chair of the Science Department and teaches Integrated Science 1. Contact Will: Will_Federman@pvusd.net




Ruth Herradora WHS Teacher
Ruth Herradora: 
Ruth teaches Chemistry and Engineering in the Science Department and in the Engineering and Technology (E-Tech) Academy.
Contact Ruth: ruth_herradora@pvusd.net



Robert Hoffman PVUSD
Robert Hoffman: 
Rob oversees K-12 science; providing coaching and professional development to teachers. His overarching task is to oversee the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards in the PVUSD.  Contact Robert: Robert_Hoffman@pvusd.net



Jack Horner WHS Teacher
Jack Horner:
 Jack teaches Integrated Science and Biology. Contact Jack: Jack_Horner@pvusd.net




Dan Johnston WHS Teacher
Daniel Johnston
: Dan teaches Green Careers/Environmental Science, AP Biology, and Integrated Science, and is the coordinator of the Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource (ESNR) Academy. Dan is also the Technology Liaison for Watsonville High, a member of School Site Council, and a UCSC alumnus.

Contact Dan: Daniel_Johnston@pvusd.net



Dawn Krenz WHS Teacher
Dawn Krenz: 
Dawn teaches US History and Social Justice and Leadership in ECHO. She is also part of the ESNER Academy.
Contact Dawn: Dawn_Krenz@pvusd.net



Ryan Kuntz WHS Teacher

Ryan Kuntz: Ryan taught Agriculture in the Environmental Science and natural Resources (ESNR) Academy.
Contact Ryan: Ryan_Kuntz@pvusd.net




Chrissy MacLean WHS Teacher
Chrissy MacLean: 
Chrissy teaches History and Social Science in the Environmental Science and Natural Resources (ESNR) Academy.  
Contact Chrissy: Chrissy_Maclean@pvusd.net



Erin Meija WHS Teacher
Erin Mejia: 
Erin teaches Biotechnology and Biology in the Business & Technology Academy (BATA).
Contact Erin: Erin_Mejia@pvusd.net




Ruben Mejia WHS Teacher
Ruben Mejia: 
 Ruben teaches Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology and Natural Resources in the ESNR Academy.
Contact Ruben: Ruben_Mejia@pvusd.net




Mark Sterret WHS Teacher
Mark Sterrett:
Mark teaches English II and English III in the ESNR Academy.
Contact Mark: Mark_Sterret@pvusd.net




Burnne Yew WHS Teacher
Burnne Yew: 
Burnne teaches Chemistry and Biology in the Video Academy.
Contact Burnne: Burnne_Yew@pvusd.net