Duran Fiack – GK-12 Fellow 2013

Duran FiackI apply theories and concepts from New Institutional Economics and Political Science to address questions related to resource management and environmental governance in the U.S. In particular, I am interested in the role that the public, interest groups and government institutions at the federal, state and local levels play in the development of laws and policies to manage natural resources and provide environmental regulation. Through my research, I hope to improve our understanding of the mechanisms that produce particular policy outcomes by investigating the development of environmental laws and policies, the practice of environmental politics and policy decision-making, and environmental governance institutions.

Growing up in rural Yolo County, my experience with environmental education began as a high school student when I spent time as a volunteer for the Cache Creek Conservancy at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve. My volunteer hours were spent as a docent for the general public and elementary school students, leading nature hikes, describing the history of the site, the ecological community of the area and the riparian habitat surrounding Cache Creek. My experience at the Preserve introduced me to the importance of public participation in developing a strong foundation for regional advocacy for resource conservation and environmental preservation through experience-based learning and education.

As a Fellow in the SCWIBLES program, I enjoyed challenging the students of Watsonville High to discover new interests, new unexplored passions, to provide a voice for the minority group, and the underrepresented, with the intention to give hope and strength through leadership and unity.

Fiack Poster

Fiack Poster

Contact: dfiack@ucsc.edu